Making 3D Printing Fun, Educational and Useful!

We created a variety of fun and useful printing projects for both the DIY hobbyist at home and for students in the classroom.

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About Us

We began printing with FDM desktop 3D printers and have come along way in expanding our printers into print farms and helping our customers across the United States and the rest of the world.

We want to see 3D printing used more and give extensive support to the 4th industrial revolution movement and the replacement of traditional manufacturing solutions whilst bringing the power of manufacturing and prototyping to everyday individuals for cheap. Check out our backed projects for great innovations.

Our Mission

We hope to expand into various 3d printing and advanced manufacturing technologies to bring affordable, quality, and time-efficient processes to retail, commercial, and government personnel. 

We work with you to bring your idea to life even if all processes do not involve 3D printing e.g automotive parts can be chemically finished and painted to fit the application. We can directly work with your team (In person or externally) to enable the rapid iterative design to develop a working prototype / final model.

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