Is Octoprint Reliable?

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There are different applications for 3D printing, from 3DPrinterOS to Octoprint software. More experts have been working on producing newer applications recently. In this article, we will focus on the Octoprint software, introduce it, look at its pros and cons, have a look at its plugins, etc.

Octoprint is a remote controller of 3D printing. This open-source application enables people to control several aspects of the 3D printers, namely temperature, motion, etc. This application also received the Affero General Public License (AGPL), meaning that the developers must comply with the necessity to distribute the source codes.

People all over the world can use the software for free, change its structure by coding and develop it to higher versions. First, it was invented by Gina Häußge in 2012. The Stable release1.5.3 was on January 19, 2021.

Since then, the software has been upgraded to higher versions. The operating systems compatible with this software include Windows, macOS, and Linux. Fortunately, it supports seven languages (English, German, French, Polish, Russian, Korean, and Catalan).

Is Octoprint Reliable

What does it do exactly?

It is a snappy web interface for 3D printers. It monitors the status of the print job by sending G-code to a 3D printer connected via USB or WiFi to schedule prints and remotely control the printer.

The software is compatible with Python. The user can develop the project, manage it and even cancel it if necessary.

Octoprint’s advantages

You may ask yourself does Octoprint is worth using? The answer entirely depends on you, but here we will count the advantages of this software, and you can decide whether to use it or not.

It is compatible and extendable, besides Wireless printing, complete Remote control and monitoring 3D printing, G-code viewer, terminal commands, timelapse and Octolapse, cloud slicing, touch UI, open-source community, Multiple printers control, robust Plug-Ins Galore systems are all the eyecatching benefits of this software. Below, we will give a summary of some of the abovementioned qualities.

Compatible and extendable

There are a variety of 3D printing tools that, fortunately, Octoprint is compatible with nearly all of them. Visualizing bed leveling, creating time-lapses, controlling the theming of OctoPrint’s UI, and updating the printer’s firmware are the qualities when we talk about compatibility. 

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Complete Remote control and monitoring

One can monitor remotely how the project process is going on. Controlling the entire process of the job is in the users’ hands; one can stop, postpone and start the 3D printing job. Controlling the temperature of the hot-ends is the other thing that can be carried out remotely.

Open-source software

This quality of the software lets one create their recording of prints and publish it. One can set the setting that who can control the printer and projects. Extra options such as adding system commands, like when to shut down or rebooting the system, are the unique qualities of Octoprint.

Is Octoprint Worth It

Octoprint limitations

Although one can handle different projects with Octoprint, the process gets cumbersome.

The 3D printer does not send any message to the Octoprint when there is a problem or failure. This may lead to problems.

The small objects have better results than the huge ones while using Octoprint. So, if the user is about to produce big things, Octoprint won’t be a good choice.

Other programs such as 3DPrinterOS are cloud-based applications that make it faster for the user to work with it, but Octoprint works with USB, reducing the speed and making it slow when the user wants to do multiple projects.


Other names for plugins are add-in add-on or even addon. These add favorite features to the software, and they by themselves have no use. Octoprint has the most powerful plugins, and installing them is the easiest thing to do in the process of printing. All it needs is a click!

The very famous plugins are;

Safety Printer

It is one of the plugins that will ensure the printer’s safety and improve it by interfacing with Safety Printer MCU.


Integrates a UPS monitored by NUT into OctoPrint.

Print Scheduler

Sometimes, one may require to undertake the 3D printing at a particular time and date. Using this plugin, you will be allowed to schedule prints based on your needs.


This plugin enables the users to observe the increases and decreases in the temperature using a plotly js graph.


Compatibility layer for SLA printers with Chituboards like the Photon and Mars series.


A bed tramming utility for OctoPrint 

Gcode Macros

Configure custom G-code macros you can use anywhere! 

Physical Button

Add physical buttons to OctoPrint 

Matrix Notifier

Sends matrix notifications and snapshots of your print.


Control a set of Mote lights – with different OctoPrint conditions causing changes in the lighting color and state. 

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Adds easily configurable PWM Light controls to Octoprint Control Tab 


Uses PI GPIO pins to control a RGB Led strip 


Uses PI GPIO pins to control a variable speed fan with PWM 


Plugin to control Arducam motorized and camera 


If you want to have access to a more frequent fortune, you can use a plugin on the navigation bar, and the icon resembles a book.

Navbar Clock

A digital clock on the OctoPrint navigation bar will show the current tile based on your geographical zone.

Draggable Files

A plugin that allows for the dragging of files in the File Manager 

PSU Control – Shelly

You will be able to use this sub-plugin to add Shelly intelligent switch support.

PSU Control – HomeAssistant

Support to OctoPrint-PSUControl as a sub-plugin

MQTT for PSU Control

One can utilize the PSU Control plugin to control the switch.


So, is Octoprint reliable? Octoprint is the most famous and practical application in the 3D printing industry. In addition to its considerable advantages, it is free software available to the users. Many people all over the world use it for their 3D printing jobs. For more info about Octoprint, visit

Are you still having doubts about whether to use it or not? We mentioned both pros and cons of the software.

By having a quick look at the abovementioned words, one can realize that the advantages of the software are more significant than the disadvantages. I hope this article helps you to choose the best one for you. Thanks for your consideration.