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3D printing is changing the way we learn, invent and create, both at home and in the classroom. 3dartprints.com has created a variety of fun and useful printing projects for both the DIY hobbyist at home and for students in the classroom. Both project collections involve printing out parts in which an electronics kit is then assembled into to complete the project.  

DIY Hobbyist Projects

The hobbyist project files are available for free download for anyone.  Direct links as to where to buy the corresponding electronics kits at the lowest possible price are offered on each project page.  

A link to an instructional video for most projects is also included.  The hobbyist projects are great for utilizing your home 3D printer to make useful gadgets to then use at home.  They also make great father-son/daughter projects or are perfect for those that just like to say they built it!

STEM3DKits Projects

STEM3DKits range of fun and educational projects are perfect for engaging students in practical, hands-on STEM learning.  Each student pack includes the electronics kit required to build their project as well as online access to the project CAD model files, course material and printable worksheets. 

The course content guides each student through the design process, from researching existing concepts, and conceptualizing and developing their own ideas to then 3D printing and assembling their design.  Each project focuses on a STEM topic and contains suggestive further teaching.  

Online access to teacher guide content is also included.  The STEM3DKits collection of projects are available through your nearest 3d Art Prints distributor.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: I don’t have a 3D printer. Can I still build the projects?

A: YES! If you don’t yet have access to a 3D printer simply click the links beneath the “BUY NOW” button and you can search for someone near you who has a 3D printer and can print it for you!

Q: What material do I print with?

A: Most consumer/home 3D printers are set up to print in PLA plastic so we recommend printing in PLA. Our designs have been created with PLA in mind. If you have a heated print bed and have printed successfully in ABS then you can also print the designs in ABS (or any other suitable material) if you like.

Q: Do I need to have an understanding of electronics to assemble the kits?

A: Not really. Of course having a basic understand will be a bonus, but our comprehensive and easy to follow instructional videos will guide you through putting everything together step by step.

Q: Do I need to know how to solder?

A: Some of the projects use basic soldering to join wires and components together. You can however use your own method such as twisting wires together, conductive epoxy or using terminal connectors to join wires and/or components together. We recommend giving soldering a go tho as its really not that difficult. Don’t worry, we wont be making you solder intricate PCB components or anything like that!

Q: Is there any kind of warranty on the electronic kits?

A: Due to the nature of DIY electronics there is no warranty on any of the electronic components. Of course, if there are parts in your order that are missing or incorrect we will happily send you the correct parts.

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